About walkcapeann

Although the idea for this blog first came to mind during a conversation I had with someone at The Trustees of Reservations about doing volunteer work to help promote TTOR events on Cape Ann, my ultimate goal is to provide a blog that's equally useful both to frequent hikers and people simply trying to be more active or enjoy the outdoors. More importantly, I want to remind people how beautiful Cape Ann is :) I fell in love with the ocean, the salt marsh, the rocky coastline, and the tidal rivers when I first came to Crane Beach three years ago, and I moved up here soon afterwards. Cape Ann has remained remarkably unspoiled considering its proximity to Boston, and that's in large part due to the land conservation efforts of TTOR and other groups. My hope is that kids now in preschool will, when they grow up, be able to visit the same unspoiled parks, reservations, and beaches that we all enjoy today.

The only bad thing about spring in February is the lack of cute sled dogs

Pardon me for stating the obvious…but the dogsledding at Appleton this year was officially cancelled earlier this week due to lack of snow, sorry, folks 😦  It is actually possible for the race to be run using sleds with wheels, but the soft ground would mean that the fields would get pretty dug up by the time the race was over, which wouldn’t be great since Appleton is a working dairy and CSA farm as well as a popular hiking and cross country skiing destination! TTOR usually does a membership drive during this event as well, which I did not know. So, if anyone is reading this and realizing their Trustees membership has lapsed, or they want to buy a beach sticker this year, we’d love to hear from you!